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Meghan - 1/11/15

"I LOVE this place!!

Venturing in here right before the holidays I had imagined it was going to be hectic and overly crowded to actually enjoy. I walk past here from time to time but never had I stopped in before. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised how despite there being several other customers shopping, the salesgirl (I can't remember her name, but she had curly blonde hair), was super duper attentive and able to assist me on my hunt for a fun set. Despite being on the ready to splurge, she helped me pick out not only items with a heftier price tag, but she also showed me more affordable bras too. And let me tell you, while the store has a lot of expensive treasures, they have plenty to choose from if you're on a tighter budget.

Honestly, I cannot get over the decor of this store, it feels true to its French name. It kind of makes you want to shop all day there (sorry bank account). Despite there being a line for the fitting rooms, the salesgirl made sure I had a cup of tea and magazine to read, she totally put me at ease and never once did I get the impression she was trying to rush me. It was the perfect shopping experience that made my week. Thank you to Lille Boutique and the girl helping me, you put a smile on this girl's face."

Teri - 5/19/13

"Shopping for lingerie sounds like it should be fun, right? In most stores, it turns out to be a big bummer and somewhat exhausting. I'm happy to report that I found my dream spot for bras and more: Lille Boutique. Courtney, the super lovely sales person was so calm and helpful and willing to show me every bra she thought would work on my body type. It was so easy and so fun and she knew her inventory inside and out!! I was amazed and came home with two perfect bras in 30 minutes. That NEVER happens at other stores. Thank you Lille and Courtney for putting so much love and effort into your very special shop. I also came home with a beautiful pair of earrings that I couldn't resist. The buyers have great taste here and cater to the youthful hipster and also to the not so youthful yet tasteful shopper. I will return many times again." 

Pete - 4/29/12

"I called Lille Boutique to ask a few questions about a present for my fiance, as she was already fond of their selection. Not only do they know their product well, their customer service is excellent. Thanks to Courtney and her coworkers, what could have easily been awkward or embarrassing was instead extremely helpful and informative. Moreover, the lingerie fit my fiance perfectly, thanks to their knowledge of the fit & sizing of certain items & designers, things I wouldn't have known otherwise.  Their casual candor and friendly demeanor, as well as their polite suggestions and patience, were all much appreciated. My fiance loves the set -- and it looks & fits great on her. Thank you, Lille Boutique!"

Matt - 12/16/11

"Lille Boutique is a gem in Portland, OR and has the feel of stepping into an old-world Parisian shop.  Rachel, an amazing shop clerk at Lille, deserves special mention.  During my second visit to Lille, she remembered me and my exact purchase from 3 months prior.  I have been back a few more times and she has expertly helped me choose stunning lingerie for my wife.   She is so knowledgeable about fine lingerie and fabrics and patterns.  Her passion for lingerie will definitely keep me coming back."

Holly - 6/19/11

"This store is so charming! The staff is so relaxed and helpful and it is a great place to spend your money. I always feel comfortable with the ladies here and I really appreciate their knowledge. They have shows from time to time and they are definitely worth going to, sign up on the mailing list for sure. The beautiful antiques are really just the icing on the cake for me. Every time I go in I never want to leave, can't I just stay? Lille makes me say thank god for underwear!"

Lena - 5/9/11

"I've only been into Lille once, and the experience was amazing. If you're into lingerie that's vintage inspired, simple, elegant, and oftentimes vegan or sustainable then this is the place for you."

Dana - 3/23/11

"I like to shop as much as the next girl, but there's nothing quite like a trip to Lille! The moment I walk in the shop I feel transported to another time and place. And although it is sometimes hard to pinpoint that time and place, that's part of the fun...The ladies at Lille know how to make you feel like a million bucks even if you don't spend a dime. They're never pushy but they're very adept at making insightful suggestions and remembering even the smallest details. I know there have been a few times when I thought to myself, "I don't think that's gonna work" but put it on and fell in love...Sadly, I live in the Bay Area now so I don't get to visit Lille as much as I used to, but I do try to pop in whenever I get the chance."

Robert - 3/13/11

"Lille Boutique is a very charming and romantic shop for women. The staff is chill and helpful, the store is comfortable. It seems like the perfect place for women to spend hours trying on beautiful garments for the perfect fit, comfort and look, with their confidants in team shopping. It is the quintessential boutique...I know nothing of the finer points of women's clothing. But I can certainly appreciate it when women rock it, over or under..." 

Danielle - 2/20/11

"lille is the answer to the hell of lingerie shops that cater to men. the moment you walk in, one of the lovely ladies will welcome you and offer you some water or tea.  they'll talk with you about what you like and don't like, and bring anything they think you might like to your beautiful fitting room that is reminiscent of a century-old parlor.  they encourage you to try it all, and they remember what you like.  the lines that they carry here are also the antithesis of victoria's secret and the like - these are real bras, many made of natural fibers, that are not padded.  they accentuate YOUR shape.  from the oddly-sized to the average gal, they have beautiful options in a range of prices, and their stock changes often (seasonal sales!).  and if they don't have your size, just add your name to the e-mail list along with your plight, and they'll do their best to help you out.  the customer service here is beyond reproach.  every interaction is sincere and positive.  the gals will send you personal e-mails to let you know when something you like is in stock, and remember faces and even names months later.  they love what they do, which is help you look (and more importantly, feel) beautiful. and you will."

Hillary - 5/5/10

"I just want to take a moment to thank you for your excellent service and beautiful store. I can't honestly remember what brought me in for the first time, but I am so glad it happened. I used to be a chain store underwear type of woman, and I never knew how wearing well constructed, well fitting, beautiful and elegant underthings could make me feel equally confident and well put together for the day. Now, instead of dressing being a drag, it is a pleasure to go to my dresser in the morning and think about what that "first layer" of my outfit will be. It makes getting dressed for work and weekends way more fun and exciting! And by now you know you've definitely created another Stella addict. I may need to add a line item in my monthly budget just for her! Anyway, just a note of appreciation from a relatively new but enthusiastic fan and customer."

Connie - 12/3/09

"Lille is one of the most amazing lingerie stores I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. The boutique itself is stunning. It's sophisticated and relaxing, with sexy lingerie lining the walls like flowing sculpture. Surrounded by silk, lace and satin that is so soft I had to run my fingers over every piece. I had so much fun with the sales girl...gabbing like old girlfriends as she handed me things to try on. Such beautiful bras and panties...I came home with works of art that day. This shopping spree turned me into a convert. I am a matching bra and panties girl these days. Oprah would be so proud."

Michael - 10/28/09

"The gal at Lille Boutique was very helpful and sent me home with sexy underthings for my then-girlfriend, now-wife. If you have someone you want to see wearing the things that Lille sells and you are reading this review, send them there. Highest Recommendations."

Lindsay - 10/23/09

"The most beautiful, elegant, finely-crafted unmentionables i've seen outside of the 14th arrondissement. You pay for the quality, but there are also $6 basics. Loved the owner."

Becky - 5/25/09

"The customer service is really as good as it gets. Sarah, the owner, has assisted me (tirelessly) on several occasions. I spent about an hour and a half trying on at least thirty different pieces in her store. She did this knowing I am a poor student, and completely dependent on my significant other to buy me nice things! We set up a wish list and when my boyfriend did come to the store (almost a month later) she remembered me by name!"

Suzanne - 9/23/08

"Lille is my newest vice. I have spent my fair share (and The Big Man's) on lovely underpinnings before, but not quite as enjoyable as this visit to this delicious shop. For those on a budget, I have to say that good quality that lasts & lasts trumps poorer quality which will require further expenditure down the road. To shop here (and remain on your budget), you need to re-think consumer mentality. It's QUALITY vs. QUANTITY, and I'll take quality any day. The quality, fabrics, fit are absolutely perfect. The shop itself is delightful, not prissy. There are modern as well as Victorian touches, lots of French references, terrific, atmospheric all adds up to an evocative package. Whether you buy things here for yourself or for the enjoyment of someone else, this spot is highly recommended and swooned over by yours truly."

Kristina - 9/23/08

"Lille rocks my socks (I mean my hot looking underwear) off. I went here in July while on a trip with one of my best friends--we found it on a random stroll down Burnside and decided to pop in for a look... Sarah, the owner, is uberhelpful and competent. Her sense for what will flatter customers, genial manner in the face of customers who wail in the dressing room about various body flaws or try on half of the store, and friendliness have made me a loyal fan. She even emails you if some of your items of interest come into stock. If only Lille weren't on the other side of the country!"

Laura - 1/17/08

"I can't say enough good things about Lille! They have a wonderful selection of lingerie that is elegant and romantic. I went there to find a nightgown for my wedding night and Sarah helped me find the perfect thing. She mentioned that they do private parties and I ended up having my bachelorette party there. It was a great way to start the evening. My girlfriends and I had the store to ourselves and were able to shop to our hearts content while Sarah poured champagne and helped everyone find something special. I highly recommend this shop to anyone who wants to have a great shopping experience and leave with something beautiful and unique."

Lisa Mae - 12/1/07

"...spend some green on the damn prettiest underthings made of the for-the-love-of-god softest most luxurious fabrics known to underpants. They have cheeky, vintage inspired stuff, sweet and luscious organics and silks, and really concentrate on organic and natural fibers, which is awesome for a greenie like me."


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